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dióbél Spr-11 / Moiré gyermekei - electronic music from Humgary 1992-2011
eleven-track 12" lp

"Then and now" compilation from the private works of the members of the Moiré kollektíva.

This compilation presents works from the beginning and the fin de siècle of the electronica "boom" in Hungary. There is a lot of nostalgy when we step back to the early 1990s, to the beginning of an era which is lost in our memories currently. Expectations and memories meet in the childrens of Moiré (Moiré gyermekei), regarding that the ideas of the fictional country, Humgary, are collapsing.

"The master audio data has been poorly prepared for mechanical recording and contains a number of artificial electronic sounds with high frequencies and intensity (particularly track A4 with 12-20 kHz at 33 db!) as well as a number of infrasound and antiphase signals." (GZCD)

Tracklist: (Lejátszó)
A1/ fullogic: kaali [1'11'']
A2/ új látásmód fúzió: mondd meg neki [1'38'']
A3/ hizsnyik dénes: az első magyar űrhajós emlékére [4'48'']
A4/ rovar17: akkor szakítunk! [5'04'']
A5/ fullogic: kifuj [1'42'']
A6/ takács péter: 440 [4'52+'']
B1/ panda from outer space: lifeforms [4'47'']
B2/ hideg roncs: ghanim története (savages y suefo fake 12" rmx) [5'32'']
B3/ új látásmód fúzió: télen születettek [1'35'']
B4/ kovács balázs: a fizetett tapsolók dala [5'20'']
B5/ új látásmód fúzió: vissza a valósághoz [2'33'']

Informations about the release:
- Release date: September 22. 2011, thursday
- Copies: 250, numbered.
- Price: 2.000 HUF / 8€ / $11 + package/post (sending to addressed outside Hungary in general is near the same price as the release...)

The order could be placed on the following address:
- Email: diobel@periszkopradio.hu

The tracks can be listened until early november at the Bandcamp site.

- 3Cities V/A (Spr-02, 2002)


2011. szeptember 21.