Messengage Sonatina (20112012)     09'25"


The piece was inspired by the myriad signals we have been using since the advent of computer systems.  For instance, as audio feedback, we get alert signals, when chatting,  ending or receiving mails, or even when we turn on our computer. It is also possible to make the machines talk. These recent but now familiar forms of communication with their clicks, beeps, ticks, horns and synthetic speech sounds, mingle in our minds with real voices and sounds of our loved ones.  The sonorities and structures of these alert signals can prompt memories of music too. Messengage sonatina is a play created from the combination of alert sounds, computer speech and real voices, using texts from real chats interwoven with musical quotations.  The quality of alert signals marks a certain period (era).  The simple,  lo-fi sounds used in the Sonatina create a certain "retro" feeling as well as making reference to the musical tools and methods used in early electroacoustic music.