Swinging Door II (2012)     14'24"


Swinging Door was originally an interactive dance-piece in which sound-synthesis  parameters are controlled by the gestures of a dancer or dancers. Because it is difficult to perform the piece in its original form, I performed and recorded a fixed-tape version with a help of a MIDI controller. This version stands alone as a purely sonic experience. The initial image of the piece comes from "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki. In one of his texts he compares the process of breathing to a swinging door, which helps to dissolve the difference between the inner and outer world. The source material of the piece are mainly sounds coming from the throat (talking, breathing) and of sounds symbolising the movements of a swinging door.  The prerecorded and  processed sounds are transformed further with a software-instrument created in MAX/MSP, where the parameters can be manipulated  by a controller, originally the dancer, but in this version, an external controller. The piece consists of a series of different timbre spaces that react distinctly to the performing gestures which create the final musical result. The piece is dedicated to Stewart Collinson, whose ideas and voice served as a starting point for the composition.