My Everyday Silences (20092012)  Homage á John Cage     20'32"            


We perceive sound continously, we cannot close our ears. We are immersed in a world of sound. The matter of which of these sounds are significant is dependant upon how we listen.  John Cage's 4'33" draws attention to the possibility of bracketing or framing any moment, when sounds can be contemplated as music. My Everyday Silences explores this very intimate and subjective process by recording these distinct moments. What one considers as silence is also a matter of subjective decision. For me, silence is composed of many sounds emanating from everyday life: those ever-present quiet, sometimes loud companions waiting to be discovered. The sounds of forests, meadows and water, the noises of city traffic and travels, the tickings, clickings, hums and buzzes that form the silence at home. Sometimes in the aftermath of the passing of a loud noise,small delicate sounds are revealed. Sometimes, through necessity, an effort of will is required to transform or tame a distracting, increasingly noisy environment, imposing an aesthetic intention through the very act of perception. The piece consists of a series of 25 field recordings separated by 3 second sections of white noise. The durations of the recordings reflect the structure of 4'33".