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dióbél Spr-13 / Szigetvári Andrea: My Everyday Silences
12cm CD

This release presents 4 compositions by Szigetvári Andrea, realized between 2000-2013.

Andrea Szigetvári is an electroacoustic music composer. Her creative and research interests are timbre in new music, interactive performance, and synchresis in audiovisual art. She studied in Warsaw and then as a Fulbright scholar in the USA, returning to Hungary to set up the Hungarian Computer Music Foundation. In addition to composing, she lectures on computer music composition and has organized international new music festivals, conferences and pan-european projects.

1/ My Everyday Silences / Mindennapi csendjeim (2009–2012) [20'32"]
2/ Mandala (2000) [13'10"]
3/ Jelzőhang szonatina / Messengage Sonatina (2011–2012)
a) SzerelemCset [3'31"]
b) Nyitás [1'25"]
c) Levélküldés [2'17]
d) www [2'12"]
4/ Lengőajtó II / Swinging Door II (2012) [14'24"]

From the CD:

Informations on the release:
- Release date: 2013. february 1. friday
- Copies: 200, numbered
- Price: 2.000 Ft / 8€ / $10 + postage/packaging

The order is possible at the following address:
- Email: diobel@periszkopradio.hu

Special thanks:
stewart collinson, filus attila, harth tamás, novák márk, pincehelyi zita, schulteisz gábor.

We recommend to check:
- Website of Szigetvári Andrea


2013. február 1.