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dióbél Spr-14 / Eszelős meszelős: Az eszelős meszelős családja
128MB micro sd card on a spatula

The new album of Eszelős meszelős selects from the recent years' glitchgitch songs. From a variety of years, life-situations, and the most importantly, the frozen, looking-for-job winter times inspired these tunes. Some tracks appeared before somewhere else, for ex. the Egyensúlykeresések was created for the 12th Faluság-képeshangon, while the Családdal, család nélkül contributed on some Batarita coreographies, but they founded their title and context only now.

The Eszelős meszelős project of Ellend, Hungary expresses the pointless and beauty of the hungarian rural, his lo-fi, raw, gitchy sound and direct, mainly political topics are not too preferred in the current Hungary.

1/ Elmaradt megrendelés (2018) [5'18"]
2/ Kerengő-meszelő (2018) [5'57"]
3/ Egyensúlykeresések (2018) [11'18"]
4/ Családdal, család nélkül (2014) [7'36"]
5/ A glettvasak tánca (2017) [4'37"]
6/ Párhuzamos karbonizáció (2017) [5'34"]
7/ Gyerekek, kisállatok (2017) [8'48"]
8/ Otthoni meszelés (2017) [8'06"]

The spatula-tracks can be listen and buy here:

Informations on the release:
- Release date: monday, june 25th 2018.
- Copies: unlimited, numbered.
- Prices:

  • In downloadable form:: 1.018 HUF / 6.2€ / $3.6;
  • On a small spatula with micro sd card: 3.000 HUF / 10€ / $11 + postage costs, either bought on bandcamp or via email;
  • On a great spatula, with micro sd card, player and resonator-loudspeaker included: 12.000 HUF / 37€ / $44 + postage, either buought on bandcamp or via email.

The release is possible to buy on the following address:
- Email: diobel@periszkopradio.hu

Useful tips for the great-spatula edition:
Please connect the item into a normal usb plug, such an usb-port, wall charger, battery pack etc. The spatula has better sound when placed on a well-resonating surface like tabletop, window or a vinyl recording... It produces different resonances on different surfaces.

- The bandcamp page of Eszelős meszelős


2018. június 25.