dióbél Spr-17 / omotopopo: udo ive
Floppy disk containing 4 audio-visual patches.

The world of imotopopo consists of drawings, 3d visuals, creaky and crunchy items, he tells his stories through MaxMSP patches, stepping out from the sound only dimension. "His friends are loud, sometimes tremendous, nasty, but meanwhile calm and nice." - he writes.

The artist developed his sound-world through experimental, generative music activities. On the floppy disk released now we can found self-organized audio-visual processes without beginning and end.

The patches on the release:
~ bbb
~ eee
~ ouo
~ uou

In order to run the patches You'll need a runtime version of MaxMSP, at least version 8, which runs both on Windows and Mac OS, and can be downloaded for free here.

Examples recorded from the running patches:


Informations about the release:
- Release date: thursday 09/19/2019.
- Copies: 11 numbered copies.
- Prices:
  • As 3.5" floppy disk: 2.000 HUF / 6€ / $7.3 + p&p, bought on bandcamp or ordered by email;
  • In digital form, as a .zip file downloaded from bandcamp: 1.000 HUF / 3.3€ / $3.65;

The order can be placed here:
- Email: diobel@periszkopradio.hu
- Bandcamp-page: https://diobel.bandcamp.com/album/udo-ive

- omotopopo and brother-projects


2019. szeptember 19.